Conference Control Keys

During a conference the following control keys are available to all participants


Pressing the 6 key will mute and unmute your handset. This is very useful if you are in a noisy location. Muting means that you can hear the rest of the conference but they cannot hear anything from your handset.


Participant Review
The participant review keys are #1 and #2. #1 will allow you to review the number of people on the conference call. #2 will initiate a roll call - where all of the names recorded when the callers arrived on the system are replayed. All participants will hear the number of people and the roll call.


Locking a Conference
To lock or unlock a conference call press 3. Locking a conference call stops anyone else from joining the conference call, giving participants peace of mind if sensitive information is being discussed and preventing unnecessary interruptions.


Ending a Conference
When you have finished your conference call, simply hang up. As each person hangs up you will hear their name announced. When the last person hangs up, the conference call ends.