General Terms and Conditions of Trade for cme24 Online Products

These General Conditions of Trade apply to all contracts entered into by cme24 Ltd. concerning online products, databases, applications, information and other online services, the use of which takes place exclusively in the Internet, made available with or without payment. Billing is carried out through cme24 Ltd. in accordance with the respective contract.


The contract is also entered into by the customer’s registration in the respective portal and approval by cme24. With the contract, the customer receives the non-transferable right of use for the online products for the period of time specified in the contract. All rights of use not defined in the contract remain exclusively with cme24.


The customer receives password-protected access to the Internet via data transfer. He or she is under obligation to keep his or her access data and password secret, and to protect them from misuse by third parties. The customer must inform cme24 immediately of any loss of the data. In the case of misuse, cme24 has the right to block access. The customer is liable for any misuse for which he or she is responsible.


When using the online products, the customer may be redirected to servers selected by cme24. The third-party provider receives no customer data or information, and remains anonymous. The customer is informed beforehand of any costs that may accrue to him or her through redirection to third-party providers.


The contract can be terminated under the conditions of the contract. Notice of termination must be in writing. Mere non-usage of the online products does not constitute notice of termination.


All copyrights and rights of use on the online products remain with cme24. The rights of use of the “iLinc Communications” company must be observed and adhered to.


The customer undertakes to use the online products only for his or her own purposes, and not to grant third parties separate access to the online products, either with or without payment. The scope of the licence corresponds to the number of virtual workplaces handed over by the contract.


The customer is not permitted to alter copyright statements, identifiers, trademarks or statements of ownership in the online products. The selection and utilisation of downloaded data are the responsibility of the customer.


Liability for damage caused to the customer’s hardware or software through use of the online products can be accepted only in the case of wrongful intent or gross negligence on the part of a legal representative or person acting on behalf of cme24. The customer has no claims over and above the legally prescribed remedy of defects or replacement. In particular, further claims by the customer for loss or earnings or consequential damage are excluded. This also applies to loss of the customer’s data.


cme24 is not liable for lack of availability of the Internet or of access to the software. These are expressly excluded from guarantee.


German law applies exclusively. The place of performance and legal venue for traders is Karlsruhe.